Gallery Joseph in Paris is having a Steve McQueen exhibit for July and August

Movie Star (movie)Photos and movie postersFashion Icon (Fashion)Exhibition of its emblematic pieces (Chino, jacket, glasses, watch, shoes ...)Fan...

Eddie Meyer, icon of hot rodding… also sold airplanes. I just learned that

in the far upper right hand corner of the above photo is a sign, it says Eddie Meyer...

truck carrying Rickenbacker Brougham going down Colorado Street, Pasadena. 1924

I found a photo that looked familiar, and reminded me that, huh, back in 2015 I photographed something similarly. photo is the bottom one, and I think I got far luckier than the AP/Getty photographer at...

1928 Ford Model AR, you’re probably asking… what’s that, right?

the Model AR is a mix of parts and was built prior to June 1928, that represented the...

Arthur Brooks got to see his old mount one more time, a reunion in the Smithsonian in 1974

this kid is happy because dad bought a 1968 Charger R/T

Shinya Kimura creation , ”Steampunk”

The one car where the shifter wouldn’t block the radio, even if it had a radio. 1978 Mercury Monarch

I'd never have guessed you could get one with a stick shift... and check out the radio delete...

Campbell at Bonneville

Howards Motor Co

Standard oil had one heck of a company plane for the execs

very seventies, and the only photo I believe I’ve seen with the factory original tires from 1970-72. Not many muscle car owners could keep from frying them fast

cool pipes too, the flames, well... not terrible for a diy painting

hard core fans buy a his and hers… apparently

a type of ice scraper I’ve never seen before

Cool airplane, and check out how neat they did the interior. 1930, Los Angeles

Trunion Bascule Bridge aka Ford Ave. Bridge, May 13, 1930 – Alleged to have been (at that time) the World’s largest Bascule Bridge. building seen under the bridge is the Long Beach Ford Manufacturing plant (thanks David!)

‘Safespot’ publicity, Southern California, 1933

steam roller, 1910, Los Angeles

1932 Los Angeles gas station, cool gas pumps

check out the cool spare tire advertising piece, and the rear bumper, that looks quite home made

this is an odd looking car in Los Angeles, 1920’s or 10s

a Diamond T armored truck

The Diamond T Motor Car Company was formed by Charles Tilt of Chicago in 1905. During the first...

quite a contrast in the fleet of delivery trucks

how freaking hard does a car have to hit a power pole to snap it off up by the top?

1951 Sepulveda Blvd, South of Mulholland Drive, the driver said she was doing 35 mph, and fell asleep...