Factory steelies, vs body color, vs chrome aftermarket rims

those body color rims sure balance out the black and body color from top to bottom

the Bardinon family GTO collection. French tax authorities would love to dial in their value, and get their cut. It might be a 75 or 200 million dollar collection

Last Feb, the family, squabbling over inheritance, etc, sold just one of these for 38.5 million dollars. That...

you know how Fords all seem to have had Autolite carbs? Well, it turns out that the 429 CJ in the 1970 and 1971 4 speed was topped with a Quadrajet

this one was found in a little swap meet in Royal Oak Michigan, for 6 bucks.Turns out that...

A bus in Brazil on a routine journey split in half leaving passengers clambering for the exit

adapting to the world of powered vehicles, some horse replacement engines were strange looking

using vinyl bodywrap to place fake ducting on the bodywork, to distract the competition about the race car design

A set of louvres, a brake duct and a engine cover air extractor all appear in the image...

airspeed sensor arrays on F1 cars, I found a race car engineering magazine and website that goes into details of testing and design

installed during testing to see how well airfoils are managing the aerodynamics and designs

Chris told me about this Scout Facebook page

1966 Oldsmobile visual identification guide, there were 38 trim levels of variety

Salute of the day! A vintage, fully-restored 1965 Divco milk truck is delivering hand crafted ice cream to Greenville South Carolina

The grandson of Cotton Owens sought out a good Divco, and fixed it up this perfectly to put...

Clever jeep Wrangler mod, use the back bumper as a 7 gallon water storage tank

this is the kind of cool hot rod at Bonneville I like to see and post about

1950 Buick

nice hot rod, the last thing they ever posted at Northwest Rodderblog

Bobby Green of Old Crow Speed Shop has a cool short wheel base 1922 Overland – Whippet

Outfitted with a four-cylinder Whippet engine, its streamlined "speedway" body was made by Faultless, and it rides on...

I went to look up a car collector, and instead, learned he was a tax cheat, and New York nailed him for a quarter million dollars in repayment and fines

Monkees fans were treated to a very rare appearance by the iconic Pontiac GTO Monkeemobile, provided by Hollywood...

1953 Maserati A6GCS Pininfarina Berlinetta the Cartier “Style Et Luxe” at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Pennsylvania State Police, now hiding in tow trucks, DOT trucks, etc to nail speeders in a 55 zone, contradicting the Penn State Police communications director

Local Pennsylvania State Police troopers are teaming up with the yellow Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.State police Cpl. Jere...

Project cars in 2017 that might be finished by SEMA

above a Javelin by the Ring Brothers, posted about with the as found photos at Grubb's Magic Bus

Douglas Aircraft was in Long Beach, and was the company to make the 1st planes to fly around the world, and the first air conditioned manufacturing plant for an article on the round the world airplanes

Zach has made a cool live in van for work and travel, and put the whole build online, and got Ryobi as a sponsor!

this stove top is genius, the spices are in clear jars on the underside of the countertop that...

NASCAR’s Joey Logano just raised the bar on baby gender reveal parties, with a baby blue burnout

Logano and his wife, Brittany, went for a ride in an ultra-loud Mustang (possibly a Shelby) that included...

an old Cobra showing the years (look at the stack of registration stickers!)

today, I salute Wisconsin school bus driver Trudy Serres! She crocheted toys for every kid on her route

Wisconsin bus driver Trudy Serres crochets toys for each of the elementary school kids on her route for...

1939-40 Packard 120 Convertible Coupes with a rumble seat and a small trunk, or, it could be a couple other cars. They all looked very similar A Buick Century Steve!a 1939-40 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe1937 LaSalle Convertible Coupe Model 5067or is it a Buick Century?the bumperettes are wrong...

Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, 1900

and in the lower right hand side of the photo, this velocipedebiking was at it's zenith, and people...